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VoIP Communications
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In this day and age, everything is about superlatives: the smallest price, the best offer, the strongest brand, the largest coverage. And, despite all the marketing, almost always it is about the seller, not the buyer. Especially in the IT and Telecommunications business.

We do not sell off the shelf, one size fits all solutions. Instead we try to understand each customer's needs and offer solutions that work best for them, not for us. Yes, we do offer consulting, technical support, initial set-up and maintenace, but we believe it is more important that we offer understanding, honest advice and our experience.

Our scale is small when compared to the Romanian "market giants". But this is exactly what allows us to be flexible and devoted to each of our customers. And you only need to pay us if at the end we have offerred you exactly what you wanted.

If we have piqued your interest, we invite you to browse the tabs above. Then you can contact us, and we will soon revert with a personalized offer.

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VoIPIT Features


Stop losing important calls! In case you are not available at some point, your customers or partners can leave you any time a voice message. You will be able to listen to it directly from your phone, or, if you prefer, you can receive the recorded message by e-mail.

Conference Bridge

Got field agents? Customers? Suppliers? Organizing a conference has never been easier! All those invited to attend your meeting will receive an access phone number as well as a conference number (PIN code) so they can seamlessly join the correct session.


Interactive Voice Response is an answering machine that lets you choose various options. You can guide your customers towards accounting, technical support, sales, so that they don't need to wait on hold for too long. Their call will be instantly routed to the correct destination.

Virtual FAX

FAX has a long tradition in telecommunicatons. Some might say almost too long... Regardless, it is still being used and has been successfully adapted to modern day techonolgy. You can now send a FAX from a web-page or receive one directly in your Inbox.


Customize your PBX! Instead of the generic ringtone, your customers can now listen to a relaxing (or upbeat) tune of your choice. Just make sure to first obtain its usage rights...


Call Detail Records (like a detailed invoice) show you who received calls, who called out, and for how long. This lets you to keep your communications budget under control.

Call Reports

You can extract real-time statistics regarding your calls' timeframes, durations, and destinations. Moreover, you can visualize them as graphs and export them for further analysis.

Video Calls

The future is now! Recently launched, this service can be extremely useful for presentations, seminars and on-line trainings. Also available on mobile terminals.